[ROM] Mr.Luong™ Rom v4.3 XXUFNG3 Hafif Hızlı [N7100] Galaxy Note 2 (15.09.2014)

Murad Ali

Kayıtlı kullanıcı
Rom Özellikleri;
- New firmware ND3 INU Modem + CSC ND2
- SPlanner Note 3 ( big thanks to E-team).
- Full Root + Update SuperSU v1.94
- New Optical Reader ?
- SNote Note 3 ( big thanks to E-team).
- Theme:Gray & Stock ( choose in Aroma).
- Add Launcher S5 from VN-Team.
- Add SMS S5 Mod from VN-Team.
- Add Weather S5 mod from VN-Team.
- Call record mod.
- Music S5 9(big thanks to @Mr.Bola).
- Gallery S5 ( big Thanks to @Mr.Bola).
- My File S5 ( big Thanks to @Mr.Bola).
- Calculator S5 ( big Thanks to @Mr.Bola)
- Voice Recorder S5 ( big Thanks to @Mr.Bola)
- mod 4 way reboot options.
- Mod Big Keyboard Stock.
- Volume options : mod or default ( choose in Aroma).
- Tweaked + Build.prop for fast and improved battery life.
SOMETHING FIXED & IMPROVED (better than v3.5)
Thanks to E-team for this Change Log:
Added S5 SecContact app
Added S5 Phone app Feature S5 in coming call popup notification style
Added Call Recording button
Added S5 Sbrowser
Added S5 Gallery New lockscreen effect
Air Command
Smart Scroll
Smart Pause
One Hand Operation in All Screens
S5 Toolbox feature
S5 Power Saving Mode
S5 Ultra Power Saving Mode
S5 Lockscreen Effects
S5 System UI
S5 Launcher with Magazine & Pullup app
Other note 3 apps.
Note 3 Multiwindow style
Popup menu in many note 3 apps.
Quick Glance Air Gesture
Pen Window Manager (thanks to @xperiacle)
Possible to use the same app in both multiwindows
DN3 Exclusive feature called AnyApp allows you to choose custom app instead of S Finder in Air Command.
and many more things that we might forget... see it yourself today.
MultiCSC (thanks to @sotmax and @joeldroid).


Mr. Loung v4.3 Değişiklik Listesi;
- re base on new Firmware XXUFNG3.
- added full Screen Caller S5 (tweaked).
- added small park N3 & S5.
- remove full park N3 & S5 for better free storage, battery life and performance.
- added setting S5 & N2 ( choose on Aroma Installer)
- added some apps ported from Galaxy Alpha: Splanner.Weather,Videos...

Mr. Loung v4.3 İndirme Linki;

Mega Linki

Pcloud Linki

Mr. Loung v4.2 Değişiklik Listesi
- add 3 way to choice: Stock N2/ Stock N2 + minimal Park N3 & S5 / Stock N2 + full park N3 & S5.
- add 3minit battery.
- everything else same like previous version.

Mr. Loung v4.2 İndirme Linki;

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Mehmet Birol Erol
Yardımcı Yönetici
Deodexed Rom
TWRP 3.1.0-0
HTC One M9
Forumumuza yeni katılan Galaxy S4-S5 ve Note2-Note3 deneyimli kullanıcılarından Knox nedir,ne işe yarar,knox ayarını bozmadan ODIN ile nasıl flaşlama yapılır,bunlar hakkında biraz daha detaylı konu başlıkları açarsanız çok memnun olurum.
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