[ROM][4.3][UNOFFICIAL] Paranoid Android 3.99 - 25/10/2013


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What's Working?

Feature List (3.99):
Android 4.3 Jellybean
HALO 2.0
Focal Camera App from CM10.2
CM kernel as default
Hybrid Engine
Per app Layout, this will let you choose the UI of any app, that means you can switch apps into their tablet, phone or phablet layout as preferred.
Per app Size, scale apps individually, this is especially important if you use tablet apps, go as small or big as you like
Per app Color, this lets you select statusbar and navbar colors for apps individually, colors will shift when you jump from one app to another
Hybrid engine makes it possible to use any tablet ready app available on your phone, start with your regular Google apps and see what treasures lie hidden in them and just how well they work on your device.
You can use hybrid engine to use all available general interface UI's aswell: Phone, Phablet, Tablet.
Transparent bars and color pickers, new SystemUI drawables thanks to giannisgx89
Theming Engine
Statusbar Settings, Lockscreen Settings
Multiuser support
Quicksettings -> Quicktoggles
4.3 Wallpapers and sounds
New holo-styled theme chooser
T9 dialer
New papreferences app

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LATEST Version (4.3)
Download Link (25 October 2013)

Download 4.3 PA GAPPS Located Here