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[L][5.0][PORT] Android L pv-79 Developer preview for Nexus 4 [BETA]


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[L][5.0] Android L-pv N4 [B15.1 updated 10-27-2014]


Google took a huge leap when it released Android 5.0 to the public and bought tons of new features and additions with it. It was released as a preview officially, for the Nexus 5 and the Nexus 7. The sole purpose of this preview was not only to showcase the upcoming Android version, but to build a stable version of Android, with the help of its users. This way, everybody could prove itself to be a part of it, which in its own way is a huge accomplishment.

Here at XDA Developers, we’re aiming ourselves in porting the same to our beloved Nexus 4. Since, the beginning of the trials, a lot of errors were tackled and resolved with pure dedication of both, us (developers) and the users. The teamwork has resulted in creating a near-perfect port for the Google Nexus 4, which is highly voted to be used as a daily driver.
Supported Kernels

After a long thought, we have decided to split the project into two different parts. The first one is based off of Nexus 6 dump (LRX08) containing the complete N6 framework and apps (S-builds). The second one is based on the latest official Nexus 5 preview image. This is being done for a better user experience because some users prefer the N6 framework and apps, giving the latest Android Lollipop experience, and others like to follow a more close-to-google walkthrough given by the N5 preview image (P Builds).
Team Members

Huge thanks to following members to help me get this port to other devices that I don’t own. For testing and trying things I couldn’t.
Appreciations to @jolinnard for the data on script.
Thank you to @DJBhardwaj for the op overhaul, don't worry, I will eventually butcher it like the last one

Youtube video by @manthan808 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivzeI5j23Qs

Since it’s a testing preview phase, it is advised to Clean flash every time you install a new update. While dirty flash and updating could also work depending upon the update to be flashed.
Before you proceed, read some real important flashing tips by ramjet73: Click to view

First Time Installation:
  1. Download the ROM and Other Optional files below.
  2. Connect your Nexus 4 to the PC and transfer all the zips to the root of your device’s storage.
  3. Reboot into recovery mode (Shut down, press VolDown + Power buttons. In bootloader mode, select Recovery mode)
  4. Wipe the following partitions: System, Data and Cache
  5. Install the ROM zip file
  6. Let it boot. Setup now and wait for the ROM to settle.
  7. Reboot into Recovery again and Install the remaining zip files.
Updating from previous version:
1.Download the ROM and Other Optional files below.
2.Connect your Nexus 4 to the PC and transfer all the zips to the root of your device’s storage.
3.Reboot into recovery mode (Shut down, press VolDown + Power buttons. In bootloader mode, select Recovery mode)
4.Wipe the following partitions: Data and Cache
5.Install the ROM zip file
6.Reboot now
7.Let it boot. Setup now and wait for the ROM to settle.
8.Reboot into Recovery again and Install the remaining zip files.
The ROM is heavy and takes time to boot. So don’t worry if it takes a long time to boot, at first.

Hello Frank 2.0

Continuing on with our frankenstien builds with aosp 5.0 and N6 merged in
Fixed the calender issue and added the new one, also added in the pie fix
It's Frank, what else more do you need to know??????

B21 hello my name is frank
merged in aosp 5.0.0_r2 libs, bins, etc, vendor as a new underbelly
still n6 framework based for now

MiB 2 Quote:Agent K (Kay): All right, Beatrice, there was no alien. The flash of light you saw in the sky was not a UFO. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus
Agent J (Jay): Wait a minute. You just flash that thing, it erases her memory, and you just make up a new one?
Agent K (Kay): A standard issue neuralyzer.
Agent J (Jay): And that weak-ass story's the best you can come up with?
Agent K (Kay): On a more personal note Beatrice, Edgar ran off with an old girlfriend. You're gonna go stay with your mom a couple nights. You're gonna get over it and decide you're better off.

That is what my day felt like yesterday LOL

It Was Just Swamp Gas B19 Changelog

Added Parcel by @bpye requires root and busy box!
Updated Build Prop
Added the updated Gmail and Exchange Services apks.
Added and Fixed Google Calendar(Playstore Version)
Fixed Messenger Force Close
Added B16 audio files. Thanks @ramjet73

You're The Doc, Doc B18 Changelog
Updated Build Prop to B18
Removed all test signed google apps. They will update through the playstore soon if not now!
Fixed alot of low audio and replace audio files from @ramjet73
Reverted props and fixed up binary errors in logcat and pretty much cleaned up the logcat.
Fixed the Wifi Errors reported by users!

B17 What goes bump in the night
removed a lot of the built in google apps that are now not any newer then what is available on the play store
updated all the proprietary files
reverted back to the n5's preview audio but kept the n6's extra ones
Wifi bypass setup is back
idk what else
I forgot to put the S on the end while uploading


Brand new N6 frameworks from the LNX07M branch made on Oct 26, incremental=1543455
Fonts, apps, priv-apps and media/audio is from the new N6 dump (check your ringtone first thing)
reverted the power changes that caused issues with hellscore (sorry @hellsgod)
added in the adreno binaries from the 10-27 preview binaries 1537103
Consider B16 Experimental as of right now to get tested, I gave it a run through and no fc so it seems all is good
but just in case

15.5 LRX08C
•More bug fixing
•Added some power tweaks from shamu
•added some build.prop edits to delay g_services (shamu)
•Init tweaks from shamu

15.1 Both
•Merged in 10-20 adreno drivers and updated stock kernel to support them
Thanks @defconoi
•B15.1 is a milestone build and everyone should be on this as most of the bugs are fixed
(or patched with the kernel and adreno driveres from B15)
B15 LRX08 (May the schwartz be with you)
•N6 based
•Reverted a lot of the proprietary binaries since they were causing issues along with GPU binaries
•Bug fixes and smashes from B14
•Some framework edits for our LG Gee brothers on Sprint
•Modified some Bluetooth libs
•More bug fixes and improvements
LPX-13D B15 (May the schwartz be with you)
•Latest Nexus 5 Official Preview based
•Fixed a huge bunch of bugs
•Reverted a lot of the proprietary binaries since they were causing issues along with GPU binaries
•Modified some Bluetooth libs
•More bug fixes and improvements
•Bug smashing
•Updated Kernel with l_preview r2 sources
•Data fixed
•Removed flo specific ported files
•Clean up
•Updated to latest preview
•N6 Dump Apps and Framework merged
•Updated SELinux security policy
•Tracked down some missing permissions
•A few other changes
•Updated fonts, res files, animations from the latest SDK
•Updated Google Apps
•Using Smart-ART
•Force DNS to Google’s public DNS
•Updater-script now wipes cache
•Finishes up the rebasing work from B5
•A lot of clean-up to jump from B5
•Updated EGL drivers from Qualcomm
•Built-in busybox
•Got rid of looping code and debugging code to speed up everything
•Updated Preview proprietary files to latest
•Updated Google Apps
•Some more work done
•Rebased completely from 81c
•Improved reliability and stability
•Ported to deb, flo and hammerhead
•Full permissive SE policy based on AOSP
•Cleared out a lot of things
•Improved reliability and speed
•Daily driver status
•New Kernel source merged
•Smashed more bugs

The official Android L buglist is here
  1. Front Camera lags a bit

Old builds https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=20177
OT talk is welcomed in my threads and development is done in the open. I encourage involvement in the project in any way.
Please do not complain about OT, it encourages a fun and relaxed environment
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Şu an bugları çok bluetooth, şebeke ve google play tam anlamıyla çalışmıyor. Günlük kullanım için tavsiye etmem.


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Bende nexüsüme yukledim çok fazla bug yok. Bug var dedim ama yokmuş. Fakat lak diye twrpden yuklemeyin. Multi için yükleyin ona göre. Sonra yok brick oldu yok bootta kalıyor yok wipe yaptım yüklenmedi demeyin karışmam :D

Nexus 4 cihazımdan Android L ile gönderildi.


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Kameradan da güzel resimler çıkarıuyorum :)
Nexus 4 cihazımdan Android L ile gönderildi.